Family Law

What is it? Generally speaking, family law involves legal issues that pertain to the family? This includes divorce, child custody and visitation, grandparents’ rights, guardianships, juvenile proceedings, and adoptions.

What is Commonly Involved? Let’s breakdown what is commonly involved in the various areas of family law.


It’s all about the kids – plain and simple. Custody disputes may arise from various circumstances. It might be that your former romantic partner is moving, is trying to limit your access to your children, is not co-parenting as expected, is attempting to alienate your children, is bringing questionable adults around your kids, has developed a substance abuse problem, is trying to indoctrinate them against your beliefs, or is acting against your children’s best interest. In any event, you need to protect your children, because they are too young to do so for themselves.

Divorce / Custody

One in two marriages end in Divorce. Many clients have children by the time they get ready to divorce. Divorce generally deals with the relationship between the adults and the assets they have accumulated. If children are involved, a custody action usually attaches automatically. Your child, or children, will rely on you to make decisions in their best interest while the divorce action is pending. You need an attorney that can give you the right guidance through this process, especially since the divorce and custody action will have a major impact on your kids.

Grandparent Visitation

In Wyoming, your right to see your grandchildren is protected by statute. Relationships with the parents of your grandchildren can break down for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the parents’ character changes due to substance abuse, there may be a disagreement about parenting styles, or some other reason as to why the parents are withholding your grandchildren from you. The Supreme Court has recognized that Grandparents can play a vital role in the emotional development of their grandchildren and therefore have given it special consideration.


There are many scenarios when a guardianship may be appropriate. You may assume a guardianship over any family member, or even over a non-family member, in need of help and protection. For example: your grandchildren may need you to step up if their parents cannot, a family member may be temporarily disabled or have fallen ill, or if other circumstances have arisen, a guardianship may be appropriate. These guardianships can be temporary or permanent, depending on the nature of your individual situation.

Juvenile Proceeding

“Juvenile Proceeding” is really an umbrella term for a variety of different proceedings. They all have one common denominator which is that they involve minor children in perilous situations. For example a juvenile proceeding may arise if a minor is accused of committing a crime, or deemed to be in need of supervision, or if parents are accused of abusing or neglecting their children. You need an experienced attorney to guide you and your family through this process, to make sure that your rights are protected at every turn.


Adoptions are easily one of the happiest occasions in family law. However, certain circumstance have the propensity to turn such a joyous occasion into a family law nightmare. You need an experience practitioner that can handle a proceeding through all appropriate steps in front of the District Court in order for you to get the result that you are looking for.

Where do I start? Identify your need:

  • Is it about your kids? Custody Matter.
  • Is it a divorce with kids? Divorce and Custody Matter.
  • Is it about your grandkids? Grandparent Visitation Matter / Guardianship Matter.
  • Is there an allegation of abuse or neglect? Juvenile Proceeding.

Once you identify your need, your next step should be to discuss the matter with an experienced attorney who can protect your and your loved ones interests. For more information please feel free to contact us and to take a look at these articles: Estate Planning DURING Divorce and Family Law & Covid-19.

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice but rather general legal information for your enjoyment.

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