GreenHunter Energy, Inc.: The Rare Case When the Limited Liability Veil will be Pierced in Wyoming (and Probably in Every Other Jurisdiction): Wyoming is home to some of life’s finer pleasures… ski slopes dusted with champagne powder, nationally recognized fly fishing rivers, and the enactment of the first limited liability company statutes.  Recently the limited liability protection afforded to members pursuant to the 2010 Wyoming Limited Liability Company Act was challenged.  Let’s take a look at what every owner of a limited liability company needs to know.

Estate Planning 101: Estate planning is a topic that everyone (understandably) puts on the back burner. But whether you realize it or not, you have an estate and it is important to outline your wishes and desires to better guide and protect your loved ones. Let’s go over the basics.

Estate Planning DURING Divorce: The turmoil of divorce can be both overwhelming and liberating. Once embarking on this emotionally draining process, it is easy to overlook making important changes to your estate plan. However, this is an important time to either update an existing estate plan or create a new one specific for you.

Trusts and Wills and Probate – OH MY! Where to Begin When Creating an Estate Plan?: Let’s face it, sitting around thinking about what should happen upon your death isn’t the definition Saturday night fun.  Understandably, most people find this topic completely overwhelming and decide to put off doing anything as long as possible.  What most people don’t realize is that they do in fact have an estate plan whether they helped create it or not, courtesy of our elected state officials.

King of Pop vs. Queen of Soul: It’s rare when we, the general public, can look to the Hollywood stars and learn meaningful lessons. However, the premature deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are prime examples of both effective and ineffective estate planning.